Icy Nail Art

As winter has finally arrived, it is only right that an influx of icy nail designs start circulating around in your searches and explore pages. All designs do not have to be Christmas-themed; the annual time of the year where nail techs around the world are painting the town red with major dashes of red […]

Holiday Gift Guide

Christmas is creeping up on us with the quickness! Honestly, October, November and now December have been passing us by as this year comes to a close. We’re determined to finish strong and start off 2021 in a positive light as this Christmas season hasn’t been as traditional as the years before. Black Friday didn’t […]

Winter Nail Collections

We have officially entered the holiday season! Mariah Carey is defrosting and getting her vocals right as we speak. If you haven’t already, now is the time to start browsing your favorite stores to get those special people in your life something they’d love. Here at NAILCON, we are always excited to see annual holiday […]

Most Stylish Holiday Press-On Nail Sets

I think we can say that this year has allowed us to try a lot of different things that we weren’t originally used to. After being so accustomed to getting pampered at our favorite salons, and having them shut down, we all decided to get in-tune with our routines and pamper ourselves on our own. […]

Natural Nail Care

We cannot stress how essential it is to take care of yourself from the inside out. Eat healthy, stay active, drink water! These are the main tips that are told to us daily; “Self Care” has become everyone’s focus whether it’s for physical or mental purposes. If your self care regimen includes doing your full […]

Best Manicure Systems

Here at NAILCON, we love a good DIY moment! We love making nail care easy and fun for our readers. We understand everyone isn’t a DIY junkie, but if you’ve ever considered tackling your nails on your own, we have constant content that is relatable to everyone. There are so many brands that created unique […]

Best Nail Care Products

We know that everyone loves a fresh new nail set, whether it’s a manicure, acrylics, gel, etc, but people need to also understand that caring for your nails is just as important as having them polished. Your nails are not tools; they are a posh representation of you and they should be taken care of […]

Fall Into These Shades; Best Nail Colors Fall 2020

If you’re on the East coast, you are experiencing the brisk change in weather, and it is officially Fall. Summer 2020 is over and our days are getting windy, the sun is setting earlier and it is time to pack up your sandals and sun hats. Bring out the layers, fedoras and thigh high boots […]

Halloween Nails; Lets Get Spooky

This year has been the complete opposite of ordinary and all of the holidays we look forward to have to be celebrated a tad bit differently. These changes do not mean we can’t get festive and still celebrate holidays in our own safe way. We know that trick-or-treating is out, but you can still get […]

In October, We Rock Pink! An Ode To Breast Cancer Awareness

As we all know, Breast Cancer Awareness month takes place in October every year. It is an annual international campaign dedicated to raising money and to increase awareness of the disease. Prominent charities team up with major brands as well as public figures to bring light to this battle that many people face daily. According […]