Inclusion In The Nail Industry

The nail industry has been a bustling industry for creatives and techs alike for years. Generations of women have seen the evolution of nail styles and techniques starting with their grandmothers, their mother’s and to them. Nails have always been an important asset in fashion, music, television, and overall entertainment. We (the public) notice a […]

Honey Nailz for NAILCON

Hey NAILCON Babes! In this glorious month of February, we made sure to reach out to some of our favorite OG’s in the nail industry for Black History Month. These women have paved the way for techs and artists alike. I had the pleasure of speaking to Destiny Knight aka THEE HoneyNailz; an editorial queen […]

New Year, New You

“New Year, New Me”, the cliche phrase that is praised every year, as people create resolutions lists and ways to do and be better in the new year. Change derives from growth and every year, we subconsciously make these lists to better ourselves physically, mentally, and even spiritually. For the beauty girls, this change can […]

NAILCON’S Nail Board

What a year. (That’s it, that’s the thought of the year.) 2020 has been an uncanny experience for all of us and we are in the final stretch [depending on when you post, alternate version: fresh in a New Year and ready to take it head on.] Yes, we’re all about nails here at NAILCON, […]

At Home-DIY Nail Trends

A fresh set of nails can make anyone’s day; the polish can be simple, detailed, loud, whatever it is that truly makes YOU happy. Everyone isn’t into super intricate nail designs nor does everyone have the budget to deck out each nail with glitz and glamor. The DIY industry is forever evolving, making the average […]

Icy Nail Art

As winter has finally arrived, it is only right that an influx of icy nail designs start circulating around in your searches and explore pages. All designs do not have to be Christmas-themed; the annual time of the year where nail techs around the world are painting the town red with major dashes of red […]

Holiday Gift Guide

Christmas is creeping up on us with the quickness! Honestly, October, November and now December have been passing us by as this year comes to a close. We’re determined to finish strong and start off 2021 in a positive light as this Christmas season hasn’t been as traditional as the years before. Black Friday didn’t […]

Winter Nail Collections

We have officially entered the holiday season! Mariah Carey is defrosting and getting her vocals right as we speak. If you haven’t already, now is the time to start browsing your favorite stores to get those special people in your life something they’d love. Here at NAILCON, we are always excited to see annual holiday […]

Most Stylish Holiday Press-On Nail Sets

I think we can say that this year has allowed us to try a lot of different things that we weren’t originally used to. After being so accustomed to getting pampered at our favorite salons, and having them shut down, we all decided to get in-tune with our routines and pamper ourselves on our own. […]

Natural Nail Care

We cannot stress how essential it is to take care of yourself from the inside out. Eat healthy, stay active, drink water! These are the main tips that are told to us daily; “Self Care” has become everyone’s focus whether it’s for physical or mental purposes. If your self care regimen includes doing your full […]