Founded by Jazmin Celine Gresham in 2019, NAILCON is a media and events lifestyle platform dedicated to nails, nail care, and wellness. Our sole purpose is to create a community that celebrates nails, consciously addresses social issues and community causes.

NAILCON was built to educate and inform stylishly with content, events and interactive chats. We want to build a family of like-minded individuals (#NAILCONbabes) who appreciate the beauty of nails and its trend-setting, culturally-based history. After doing the research, traveling and learning about the industry, Jazmin has crossed paths with a number of nail techs and professionals who helped her to realize that her love for the industry was deep and that she needed to create a platform to share her findings.


Let’s go back to your first time at a nail salon. How old were you? Do you remember the aromas? The sounds of nails being filed, the water running as a customer prepped to soak her feet. What was your “go-to” design?

Nail salons have always played a part in little girls’ lives; remember when you were finally “of age” to go. From the simplest manicure to your first set of french tips, the experience stays with you forever. Who took you to get your very first manicure? When I was 14 years old, getting my nails done with my mother was a rite of passage as a young Black woman. It was my way of learning who I am and where I come from— all within those 2-3 hour appointments. Not only was it bonding time between my mother and I, it was the perfect view of sisterhood, womanhood and commitment within my community. This is what NAILCON aims to represent.

The nail industry is constantly bustling and growing by the minute and experiencing more recognition day by day. NAILCON is a platform built by a Black woman, “For the nail lover by a nail lover.”

As the founder, I strive to highlight women and artists alike who respect the art as well as the craft; to always speak of nails in a positive and accepting light. It’s letting the public know that a bright shade of color or a dope nail design is completely acceptable in the work environment and a great boss can don a killer nail set with ease. NAILCON is your go-to for sophisticated and enlightening content. Enjoy!