New Year, New You

“New Year, New Me”, the cliche phrase that is praised every year, as people create resolutions lists and ways to do and be better in the new year. Change derives from growth and every year, we subconsciously make these lists to better ourselves physically, mentally, and even spiritually. For the beauty girls, this change can come from replacing an everyday product to a black-owned brand, or vegan product; it can honestly be anything. What we are seeing lately, is that a lot of people are partaking in their “natural nail journey”; starting fresh and truly taking care of your nails on a weekly basis. 

If you’re a routine-based nail girl, and always keep up with your appointments, breaking that cycle might be difficult, as you’ve come accustomed to your beauty routine. Most people get gel manicures every two weeks while most people that get acrylics, are in the shop for a fill every three to four weeks. This change being done “cold turkey” can throw anyone off, as so many of us are used to looking at our freshly polished sets. Here are some tips for beginners in their natural nail journey. 

Soak Them Off – The obvious first step is to get rid of the current set you are donning. If you’re doing this at home, simply soak your nails in some acetone and let the chemicals do their magic. If you have on tips and need to remove them in addition to the acrylic, we recommend cutting them down and then soaking. (**If you have nails that are lifted near the cuticle, the floss method can pop them right off!)

Keep a Manicure Set – Doesn’t have to be fancy or expensive, but a complete manicure set with a nail file, nail clip, buffer etc needs to be in your home. You should try to keep your nails short and neat once a week. 

Cuticle Oil is Your Friend – We love healthy nails and cuticles! Rubbing some on your cuticles once a week strengthens your nails as well as keeps them looking healthy.




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