Natural Nail Care

We cannot stress how essential it is to take care of yourself from the inside out. Eat healthy, stay active, drink water! These are the main tips that are told to us daily; “Self Care” has become everyone’s focus whether it’s for physical or mental purposes. If your self care regimen includes doing your full 8 part skin care routine, or eating an entire pizza while binge watching your favorite show, we are just as supportive for either one! With the weather constantly changing, we find it important to keep up with routines, whether they are wash day routines for your hair, meal prepping routines for the week, at NAILCON, we’re telling you how important it is to have a nail care routine. 

Yes, you should always take care of your nails, especially if you live in climates that result in seasonal changes. Your body is always adapting, so your routines have to be interchangeable. The key factors below should be implemented to cater to keeping your nails healthy no matter the climate in which you live in:

  1. Hygiene – Always keep nails clean and neat. If you are rocking natural nails, it is imperative to keep them at a decent length, we know the acrylic girls that wear long sets can’t relate to this tip, but we do think it’s important that you keep your nails clean while wearing a set.
  2. Cuticle Care – I’m not sure when the act of constantly pushing back your cuticles became a thing, but please understand that it isn’t necessary. Of course, clean them up, but if you live in a cold climate the more you mess with your cuticles, the more damage can arise from that. Simply keep your cuticles neat, cut off any hangnails, and apply cuticle oil once a week.  
  3. Moisturize – Who doesn’t love soft hands? That same care you take into having them should be implemented on your nails as well. When using your favorite moisturizer or hand lotion, simple focus on your nails as well by massaging the cream in. Sealing in moisture is important. 




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