Natural Nail Care

We cannot stress how essential it is to take care of yourself from the inside out. Eat healthy, stay active, drink water! These are the main tips that are told to us daily; “Self Care” has become everyone’s focus whether it’s for physical or mental purposes. If your self care regimen includes doing your full […]

Best Manicure Systems

Here at NAILCON, we love a good DIY moment! We love making nail care easy and fun for our readers. We understand everyone isn’t a DIY junkie, but if you’ve ever considered tackling your nails on your own, we have constant content that is relatable to everyone. There are so many brands that created unique […]

Kianna Ayala: The Ideal Woman In Art + Animation

Hey NAILCONBABES! For our 2nd Artist Spotlight edition, we chatted with Visual Artist + Graphic Designer Kianna Ayala while exploring her passion + love for the arts, her connection to. NAILCON + how she stays inspired to give art life!  * Why do you do what you do? I create art to express the thoughts in my head and […]