Fall Into These Shades; Best Nail Colors Fall 2020

If you’re on the East coast, you are experiencing the brisk change in weather, and it is officially Fall. Summer 2020 is over and our days are getting windy, the sun is setting earlier and it is time to pack up your sandals and sun hats. Bring out the layers, fedoras and thigh high boots […]

Creative Review with Wendy Hope

Beauty photographer Wendy Hope @wendyhoperocks shares some of her favorite nail shoots working with renowned nail artists and nail brands. 1.”A Leopard Never Changes Its Spots”Nails by Honey Nailz, @honeynailz Products Used:Smith & Cult, @smithandcult OPI, @opi  2. “Nailed It” Tech ToolsNails: Naoko Saita, @naokosaita Hand Model: Holly Indira, @hollyindira Products Used:Smith & Cult @smithandcult, Chanel @chanel.beauty, YSL @yslbeauty, Static Nails @staticnailsofficial, Swarovski […]

Halloween Nails; Lets Get Spooky

This year has been the complete opposite of ordinary and all of the holidays we look forward to have to be celebrated a tad bit differently. These changes do not mean we can’t get festive and still celebrate holidays in our own safe way. We know that trick-or-treating is out, but you can still get […]

In October, We Rock Pink! An Ode To Breast Cancer Awareness

As we all know, Breast Cancer Awareness month takes place in October every year. It is an annual international campaign dedicated to raising money and to increase awareness of the disease. Prominent charities team up with major brands as well as public figures to bring light to this battle that many people face daily. According […]