Creative Review with Wendy Hope

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Beauty photographer Wendy Hope @wendyhoperocks shares some of her favorite nail shoots working with renowned nail artists and nail brands.

1.”A Leopard Never Changes Its Spots”Nails by Honey Nailz, @honeynailz 
Products Used:Smith & Cult, @smithandcult OPI, @opi 

2. “Nailed It” Tech ToolsNails: Naoko Saita, @naokosaita Hand Model: Holly Indira, @hollyindira 
Products Used:Smith & Cult @smithandcult, Chanel @chanel.beauty, YSL @yslbeauty, Static Nails @staticnailsofficial, Swarovski @swarovskiforprofessionals 
Tech Tools: SasH Pro Tools, @sashprotools x @sashaniegraynails Japonesque Pro, @japonesque Maruto, @amazon Tweezerman, @tweezerman Seki Edge, @sekiedgeromania Erbe Solingen, found @fendrihan_shop
3. “Tao of Wu”, Nails: Honey Nails, @honeynailz 
Products Used: Klean Color, @kleancolor Essie, @essie OPI, @opi Chanel, @chanel.beauty 

4. “Sinful Color Campaign with Celebrity Kandee Johnson”Nails by Holly Falcone, @hollyfalconenails 
Products Used: Sinful Colors (Kandee Johnson Collaboration), @sinfulcolors_official x @kandeejohnson 



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