New Nailcon, New Year

With our 3 year anniversary around the corner, we felt it was time for a bit of a “facelift”. During this three year period we’ve learned so much. We’ve stumbled. We’ve failed. We’ve gone back to the drawing board a few times, but regardless we knew it was not an option to give up!  Nailcon […]

Kianna Ayala: The Ideal Woman In Art + Animation

Hey NAILCONBABES! For our 2nd Artist Spotlight edition, we chatted with Visual Artist + Graphic Designer Kianna Ayala while exploring her passion + love for the arts, her connection to. NAILCON + how she stays inspired to give art life!  * Why do you do what you do? I create art to express the thoughts in my head and […]

Creative Review with Wendy Hope

Beauty photographer Wendy Hope @wendyhoperocks shares some of her favorite nail shoots working with renowned nail artists and nail brands. 1.”A Leopard Never Changes Its Spots”Nails by Honey Nailz, @honeynailz Products Used:Smith & Cult, @smithandcult OPI, @opi  2. “Nailed It” Tech ToolsNails: Naoko Saita, @naokosaita Hand Model: Holly Indira, @hollyindira Products Used:Smith & Cult @smithandcult, Chanel, YSL @yslbeauty, Static Nails @staticnailsofficial, Swarovski […]

Manny Roman x Dani Evans for Harper’s BAZAAR Vietnam

This week we were able to briefly talk with photographer Manny Roman about connecting on set from start to finish. Roman captured our Dani Evans inspired Harper’s Bazaar Vietnam shoot. Manny Roman:First, I lay out the mood board. I need to have a clear vision as to what I am shooting. You don’t want to […]

L’Officiel Australia x NAILCON; Gloria Johnson “Downtown Girl”

Hey #NAILCONBABES!! This month we’ve teamed up with Gloria Johnson @styledbyglo for her latest shoot “Downtown Girl” for L’Officiel Australia @lofficielau. Swipe through for our favorite looks & nails.  Interview with Gloria Johnson & Jazmin Gresham:Jazmin: “Can you chat on why “Downtown girl”? Where did you draw inspiration? And top 3 fav looks.Gloria: To answer […]


For the launch of our site, NAILCON teamed up with Artist and Designer, Maurice Wiggins to create a body work that captured the essence of the brand. Not only is he is an Artist and Designer, but Maurice is an activist within the Black and LGBTQ+ community.  Being so honored to have worked closely with […]