Hot Girl Nails

Summer’s almost over, but it ain’t over yet! While the sun is shining and we can enjoy the glow, why not rock a pop of color on your mani? Show off the grabberz from a mile away. We know that everyone’s summer go-to is white; it’s clean, it’s neat, it’s a classic. However, if you’re […]

Extra Extra, Read All About My Nails

Even though we are in an extremely digital time and cover stories are still hitting newsstands as well as digital platforms, their beauty is still widely appreciated. Who doesn’t love a good cover story? Featuring your favorite celebrity, influencer, icon, etc. The perfectly edited photos in combination with a great read of an interview makes […]

DIY Me – The Trend That Keeps Growing

2020 has been quite the year! Many, if not all of us, had to establish a new norm in regards to every aspect of our daily routines. We’re working remotely, we’re traveling less, we’re having a very unpredictable year. With the world-wide COVID-19 pandemic impacting everyone immensely, the simple things that we once took for […]

Black-Owned Nails

This year has sparked radical outrage all across the globe. The same rights are being fought for and supported in solidarity. Our modern day chants are no different than what was being chanted in the 1960’s. With company after company being exposed and the value of the Black dollar going up, it is important that […]