Black-Owned Nails

This year has sparked radical outrage all across the globe. The same rights are being fought for and supported in solidarity. Our modern day chants are no different than what was being chanted in the 1960’s. With company after company being exposed and the value of the Black dollar going up, it is important that we support our Black-owned businesses and give them the recognition that they deserve.

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Nails are a pillar in the Black community and has a culture that is so rich, that it is always appropriated and copied and in all honesty disrespected. We, Black women, have started the many trends that your Allure and Elle magazines will rave about and claim that a non-woman of color started. This mis-recognition isn’t going to stop, but while we can, we think it is best to put our money into our communities and support these Black-owned nail salons. These salons are keeping the culture alive by bringing poise and originality to the nail world. We have to be grateful for every artist and every owner, because they are creating a space for women of color to feel protected. Check some out below :

Black-Owned Nail Salons NY

Black-Owned Nail Salons NJ

Black-Owned Nail Polish 




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