How To Fix Cracked Cuticles

If you have cracked cuticles and want to know how to fix them, then you’ve come to the right place! Cracked cuticles are a common condition that affects many people. This article will discuss how to fix cracked cuticles using simple, natural ingredients found at home. Cracked cuticles can be very uncomfortable. Before we get […]

DIY Cuticle Softener

If you’ve been following this blog and the articles, then you know what cuticle softeners are and why you should be using them. Sometimes, you can decide to have a spa day at home and no spa day is complete without giving your nails some love. Run out of cuticle softener and don’t intend to […]

How to Remove Acrylics at Home Without Damaging Your Nails

By now, we all know that the safest way to take off your acrylics is to go to a salon and have a trained nail technician do it but what do you do when there’s another COVID lockdown or something worse.. You have No time to make it to the salon and your nails are […]

New Year, New You

“New Year, New Me”, the cliche phrase that is praised every year, as people create resolutions lists and ways to do and be better in the new year. Change derives from growth and every year, we subconsciously make these lists to better ourselves physically, mentally, and even spiritually. For the beauty girls, this change can […]