For the launch of our site, NAILCON teamed up with Artist and Designer, Maurice Wiggins to create a body work that captured the essence of the brand. Not only is he is an Artist and Designer, but Maurice is an activist within the Black and LGBTQ+ community. 

Being so honored to have worked closely with Maurice to make our dream happen, we want everyone to know the man behind the art.

Hi Maurice, can you tell us about your background, hometown and professional  journey so far?

I’m originally from Laurelton, Queens, a suburb within one of the five boroughs. Laurelton is thirty minutes away from Manhattan, so I had access to suburban and city life, which is a unique experience in my opinion. I went to the Fashion Institute of Technology where I graduated with a BFA in Women’s Sportswear. 

Prior to and during my time in college, I worked in retail as well as interned for various companies including Donna Karen Collection and Maggy London. Once I graduated in 2015, I started working for Diane Von Furstenberg in the embellishment and print department. 

After a few years in the industry, I realized Fashion wasn’t the greatest fit and my true passion is illustration. After leaving the fashion industry, I became a personal trainer and started competing in men’s physique body building shows. I’m currently a flight attendant and I illustrate in my free time.

What triggered your artist bone?

I’ve been drawing since I was about three years old. I used to draw on the walls at home and my grandmother allowed me to have that creative freedom, which I’m so grateful for. Since then I’ve been drawing and developing my craft. 

Patrick Nagel is a huge inspiration to me and I grew up seeing his work in the 80’s and 90’s. My style is about combining photorealistic drawings with pops of color and print / graphic design. 

What is your most memorable experience as an artist?

Honestly for me, it’s about the process of coming up with an idea and going through the process of bringing it to life. There’s usually a lot of trials and tribulations, but getting to the end result is so rewarding. 

For my senior thesis I focused on arboriculture. I wanted to show the parallels between the growth of plants to the process of curating a collection.

What is your favorite art form? 

Drawing – mixed media.

How has art helped you heal and cope with social injustice? 

I wouldn’t say art has helped me heal with social injustice, but it has allowed me to work out emotions in the past with other situations.

Living in Minneapolis, how has the death of George Floyd been reflected in your work? 

I haven’t worked on anything since the death of George Floyd. I’ve been channeling all of my energy into protesting and using my social media platforms to inform my audience about the injustices BIPOC face on a regular basis. 

As a black man living in middle America coming from NYC, how has this experience enlightened your world view? What have you taken from this experience? 

There isn’t much diversity in Minneapolis and when I’m in certain spaces I’m usually the only person of color. Since the death of George Floyd, I’ve seen an outpouring of people from all walks of life supporting the cause. This situation has shown me that we are in this together and more people are stepping out of their comfort zone to bring forth change. 

What was the inspiration behind the artwork for NAILCON? 

I wanted to create something that was modern and impactful. I was inspired by interlocking hands and highlighting that despite our color we are all the same at the end of the day. I wanted the hands and color blocking to flow cohesively.

What can we look forward next from Maurice and where can we find more of your work?

I have some new projects in mind and I will be working in different and new mediums. I can be found on Instagram, my IG handle is DesignsbyMaurice

Thanks again! @DesignsbyMaurice




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