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Top 12 Holiday Nail Looks

It’s getting to be that time of year #Nailconbabes! Our nails will be getting a lot of attention this season with so many nail art trends to choose from. We’ve compiled a list of the top 12 nail looks for the holiday season. Some of us will be bold and opt for a more direct literal take on holiday nails, while other may need to fall more discrete but still give a little punch. Either way you choose you cant go wrong. This time of year is full of joy, love family, endings and new beginnings. Remember, this is your life, you only get one and your opinion is all that matters. So be expressive and be sure to tag @nailcon in all your holiday looks. Happy Holiday #Nailcon!!!

1) Emerald Garland


2) Gold Leaf Tips


3) The Winter Wonderland


4) The Ginger Bread


5) Tone on Tone French


6) Classic Navy Tips


7) Soft Pearl French


8) Edgy Liquid Metallic


9) Warm White Snowy Cable Knits


10) Tonal Sweater Knits


11) Candy Apple Red


12) Shimmering Gold Garland Tips





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