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Celebrating Pride, Vol.1 with Rajan Dumbhalia

Happy Pride Month!

Love makes the world go round. Despite racial and gender prejudices, majority of people now support the argument for enabling and respecting people’s freedom to express themselves however they choose. In celebration of pride month, we chatted with Rajan Dumbhalia, a brilliant media and nail enthusiast who shared his thoughts on what pride month means to him and his love for nails!


Tell us what pride means to you and how you celebrate on a daily basis? 

To me, pride is waking up every day as your truest self, while simultaneously, allowing space to grow and learn more about your identity as the day progresses. What you luv stays luv’ed and what you want to work on continues to be worked on. Rinse and repeat.

The worldly recognition + advocacy of the LGBTQIA+  community has broadened along with being embraced. However, what more can be done? What changes are you looking forward to?

 Let’s say this, recognition has broadened its outreach, but advocacy is still limited. Without allowing pessimism to prevail, I look forward to and expect lawmakers and elected officials to be about what they speak about. “Voting blue no matter who” would be a great concept if the promises made before those elections weren’t completely dismissed and forgotten about, much like the voices of many within the LGBTQIA+ community. Diversity isn’t what we think it is without inclusion and advocacy.

Such as the LGBTQIA+ community, nails are now a change-maker + embraced by everyone. However, that wasn’t the case not too long ago. How have you channelled your personality through your nails? 

You’ll know everything you need to know about my personality by listening to me type on a keyboard. Loud, quick, and the centre of attention.


Do you think there is enough sensitization of the public towards nail art as a form of expression? If not, what can be done better? 

Honestly, people immediately notice my nails as the most attention-grabbing signifier of my gender expression. Once noticed, they’re complimented and praised. From that experience, I believe there is enough sensitization of the public and that we’re headed in a more inclusive direction. 

Where did your love for nail art begin? 

Hot girls have nails and I aspire to be a hot girl.


Who continues to inspire you with how they express their authentic self? 

As a brown queer person, I must always give props to Alok for living their authentic self while continuing to eloquently defend and advocate for LGBTQIA+ rights.

Lastly, it’s been exactly one year since you participated in our Nailcon campaign celebrating Pride. Fast forward, what does it mean to be a Nailconbabe today? 

As always, living as your authentic self with some fire ass nails.





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