Benefits of PolyGel

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Everyone loves a good crossover. Crossovers gave us SUVs(trucks + cars), paper towels (paper + towels), and PolyGel. PolyGel was created to give the best of gel polish and durability of acrylic. Still on the fence? We have gathered some of the pros and cons to using PolyGel.


The benefits of using PolyGel include: 

  • Lasts 21 days
  • Flexible like gel
  • Pleasant odor
  • Durable like acrylic
  • Gives nail technicians the time and space to slay the sculpting and constructIng of nail structures
  • DIY friendly 

There weren’t that many cons besides the Cost of entry. PolyGel can be a more expensive treatment system to invest in. Also beware of a heated sensation if applied incorrectly. Check out the brief application overview below.

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