Amazing Home Remedies To Treat Nail Fungus

Today’s topic is a little gross but important so be sure not to read it when eating ok girls? Good! Let’s get right in people. But first, the definitions.

What is Nail Fungus?

A fungal nail infection is caused by a fungus that affects the keratin make-up of the nail. Fungal infection is not limited to any particular part of the nails and can affect all the parts of the nail such as nail plate, nail bed, and root of the nail. The infection gradually develops into discolored, thickened and mottled nails.

Toenail fungus occurs more frequently than fingernail fungus and this is due to a number of factors.

Humid environment, regular nail damage, poor overall health condition, pre-existing conditions such as diabetes or psoriasis, and uncomfortable footwear increases your susceptibility towards acquiring toenail or fingernail fungus


What’s The Cause?

Nail fungus is one of the most frequent diseases which is caused by dermatophyte fungal infections. The most common organisms causing nail diseases are yeast, and moulds


Home Remedies for Nail Fungus

Keep in mind ladies that no matter what I tell you, still go see a doctor because I am not one and you might also be allergic to something so keep that in mind as you read.

Daily application of tea tree oil, vinegar, Oregano oil, etc are all effective when seeing signs and symptoms of nail fungus. Here are other Herbal extracts to use:

  1. Snakeroot Extract: This is obtained from a plant known as Snakeroot. It belongs to the sunflower family and is an effective healing method for nail fungus. It can be applied topically
  2. Pau D’Arco: Is a natural herb found to be an effective herbal medicine for the treatment of herbal infections.
  3. Lemongrass 
  4. Horopito: is a plant with some active chemicals such as polygodial, which makes it an effective treatment for nail fungus.
  5. Tea Tree Oil: is derived from Melaleuca altenifolia shrub like tree which is native to Australia. It has both antibacterial and antifungal properties. It can be found in various health food stores and is a popular home remedy for nail fungus
  6. Olive Leaf Oil: has beneficial effects against fungal infection and improves blood circulation. It works best against the treatment of yeast infections. The use of olive leaf oil is a safe and natural way to cure nail fungus

Well there you have it ladies our curated list of best home remedies to cure nail fungus. While these look easy to purchase and use, I must still sound a warning that prevention is better than cure so make sure you prevent getting the first place.




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