14 Nail Designs for Summer

Summer is here! That time when we bring out our beautiful swimwear, lounge on the

beach and allow our bodies to soak in the summer goodness. It’s also an excuse to

switch up your nail color game.

To get you into the summery spirit, Nailcon presents you with summer-worthy nail

ideas for every mood and vibe leaving your manicure covered all summer long.

1) Checkerboard Design


This design is fun and edgy perfect for all year round. To switch it up, use a

pastel or neon twist to this chic design.

2) Cherry Nail Design


These are a summer manicure staple. To rock this summer nail idea, ensure

you have bright red nail polish, green nail polish and light pink base color.

3) Psychedelic Swirls


Swirls are having a moment this period whether they’re neutral and minimal or

colorful and maximalist.

4) Cloud Nail Design


Switch up your nail art with this dreamy and fun design. It’s not the easiest to

recreate but you’ll get the hang of it with a few tutorials.

5) Confetti Connections


Everyone loves a DIY manicure moment. For that burst of color, turn any solid

color into a vibrant summer manicure by adding some confetti-inspired nail

polish on them like JINsoon’s daisy polish.

6) Neon Nails


We can’t talk about summer nail ideas without talking about neon nail polish.

When it comes to this trend, it’s all about choosing the right color that’s right

for your skin tone. Ultra-bright, acid hues like lime-green, electric blue and

yellow will pop against darker skin. In fact neons suit people with a dark

complexion, however, stick to hot pink and purple manicures to make the most

of this fun trend if you’re fair in complexion.

7) Gold Stars Nails


One of the best things about summer nails is how easy they are to recreate. At

first glance, it may seem like the stars will be tough to draw freehand, but once

you get nail polish with nail art stickers, it’s super easy. While you can add stars

to any solid base colour, they pop against a neutral colour.

8) Minimalist Dots Nails


They are also another summer favorite. They are your best bet if you want an

eye-catching manicure, but lack the patience required.

9) Butterfly Nails


Butterfly clips are a trending nail design this summer. The best part is you

don’t have to be a professional nail artist to partake in this trend. It can be

achieved by using nail butterfly stickers after coating your nails.

10)Rainbow Nails


Can’t decide on a single color scheme for summer? Mix and match your nail

polish colour on each nail until you’re left with a bold rainbow manicure.

11) Flower Bouquets


You can never go wrong with flower decals for summer. To draw petals on our

nails, a dotting brush and nail art brush are ideal, however, the end of a booby

pin works also.

12) Heart Nails


If you thought heart nails were only for Valentine’s day, then think again. Heart

nails look good in any colour and are perfect for a day out with friends and


13) Yin and Yang Nails


Connect your top favourite colours to accomplish the yin and yang nail trends.

To keep the shape balanced, use a dual-ended nail brush and a dotting tool.

14)French Tips Nails


French tips are simple and classic. It has evolved lately, and there are different

amazing ways to put a twist on the nail design which will inspire you.

There you have it, we can’t wait for you to have fun trying these designs this summer.

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