10 Common Mistakes to Avoid when Getting Acrylic Nails

You may have heard some horror stories from friends about getting acrylic nails, which are one of the most popular nail treatments today. It’s common for people to experience a few side effects with acrylic nails, but there is no need to worry! With the right knowledge and professional advice, you can avoid many of these problems.


Here are 10 common mistakes to avoid when getting Acrylic Nails

  1. Talons

Yes ladies, I said it talons.

There is a huge difference between long cute nails and talons. You know you have talons each time your nails make scribbling sounds when you pick up a pen or try to type on a computer. You know they are too long when you try to hold a hamburger and half of it gets imbedded under your nails.

Girl, no one is saying don’t flex those long nails but know your limit because there is a fine line between bougie and tacky.

I don’t see why you should go to the salon and get an expensive manicure but be unable to enjoy that manicure because it is too long and impedes your life. Like girl, no!

2. Bleeding Cuticles

This one gets me like what? Why in sweet baby Jesus would you allow your manicurist do that to you? If your manicurist uses the sander intended to file down nails on your cuticles or she snips away at your cuticles with those tiny little scissors. Send her to the streets

First of all, when you cut your cuticles, you open yourself up to infection and second why are you bleeding? Why are you letting yourself bleed and you’re still sitting there? Like girl why?

Your nail tech is supposed to cut and shape nails, they’re supposed to leave you with the cutest fly nails not bleed your skin! Bleeding cuticles are not pretty to look out, they hurt like hell and make you so damn miserable. I know they say beauty is pain but if I need to have bleeding cuticles and put ice on my hand just to survive then I’m sorry but I will do without those nails.

3. Risky Designs


If you want to know why your nails are all chipped and cracked, then here is the answer. It all starts with the design, bad nails designs are usually half the problem. You need to find a design that matches your mood, personality, and style. 

There’s so much inspiration online especially when you go to Pinterest. The urge to try it all is there but whether or not you want to admit it, there are some designs that just do not fit your hands!

There’s that and also the fact that you need to change your nail tech because it takes a total lack of skills and aesthetic creativity to take a beautiful nice pastel shade design and turn it into a hideous overly laden monstrosity. Girl, why would you even sit down for that? If I show you what I want and I see you’re not giving it to me, I will walk out and never return to that salon again!

4. Fungal nails

Before I start, I will say it loud and clear, if you cannot afford to go to a nice, clean nail salon that charges you over $100 per mani then don’t go at all.

It’s better to go to that expensive salon than the dirty cheap salon that charges you only $20 because if you do, a few weeks later you will notice a couple of toenails with a strange yellow color and a thickened crumbly appearance.

Yup, you guessed it, you got a fungal nail infection. These things are notoriously hard to treat and not the nicest to look at. So, skip that shady nail salon ok girls?

5. Ugly color

Many a manicure has been ruined because of the ugly nail color. This is a clear case of what you requested versus what you got. Baby vomit is not an attractive color so why on earth would you want to showcase it on your nails? You know you got stuck with an ugly color if you feel like hiding your hands behind an extra large purse instead of showcasing it proudly for everyone to admire.

6. Uneven Length

This is what happens when your nail tech is too busy talking on the phone to pay attention or she takes her eyes off the nails. You probably did too, because here you are thinking of what dress to wear to that date, or if there’s going to be enough time for you to do your makeup.

The result? You’re going to walk out of the salon looking like you borrowed different nails from other people’s hands and just stuck them on. This is one way to ruin a perfect manicure.

7. Using cheap Acrylics

Have you ever had your nails done, gone home or shopping or wherever and found your nail chipped before you get to your destination? If this has happened to you, then girl your nail tech did you dirty and used cheap acrylics.

I’m not saying use your nails to test whether you can string a good beat or to pry open lids. Your nails are supposed to be hard but they’re definitely not indestructible.

8. Leaving nails on for too long

I know you want to get your money’s worth or you’re probably really busy and you think hey these still look new! 

 Let me break it to you slow, they don’t.  Go to the salon and either take them off or get new ones. Honestly, I believe in investing in press-on nails. You will definitely get your money’s worth because you can use them for a long time and take them off when you’re tired of them.

9. Biting Nails

I know you have a bad habit and it sucks but, why on earth would you bite acrylics? What are you looking for? What are you hoping to discover? The whole point of the nails is to keep you from biting!

Biting nails is a hard habit to break but you have to do it. First, it is unsanitary and second it makes you look unprofessional.

10. Not letting your nails breathe

I love acrylics as much as the next girl, but come on, sometimes, you just have to let your natural nails see some sunshine and not feel marginalized. It is beautiful (as long as you take care of it) and there is nothing wrong with showing it off!

This has been lovely ladies, I had so much fun today with this article. Be sure to subscribe to our mailing list so you don’t miss a single thing.




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